Date: Monday, April 5, 2010, 2:44 PM

Dear Editor,

I am writing to congratulate you on having the best small town to visit, particularly if you are having a tough day.

My husband and I were traveling through Marion County on business when we had tire problems. It was rainy, we were tired, and we were carrying entirely too much weight on our trailer. We stopped for service at the Marion County Cooperative in Hamilton, AL and quickly felt that this is small town hospitality at its finest!

I went into the Coop Store while my husband was trying to solve our tire problems in the shop next door. Before I was even in the store, I heard a friendly call asking what I was looking for. When I explained that I needed a souvenir for my little boy who would not be seeing his parents when he expected, he walked me through the store suggesting great ideas. Not only did I buy surprises to delight him but also some freebies he liked even more. The shopping was interrupted long enough to look at the closest rainbow ever seen, with “the pot of gold” appearing to be at City Hall…You don’t get that at Wal-Mart!

After that, we tried to settle up for the tire help. The people there seemed insulted at the idea of accepting money for what they considered such a small job. We were so grateful, but were even more amazed by the kindness. Lastly, we decided to eat since we would not be home until the wee hours. O’Brian’s was suggested and we were pleasantly surprised to see that everyone in town is apparently just as sweet.

Hamilton has my vote for the friendliest town! Thank you!!!

Cassandra S. Becker

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Columbia, SC 29228

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