Senator Roger Bedford

Capitol Report

May 07, 2010

     As oil continues to spill into the Gulf, our prayers and thoughts go out to the families and businesses which will be directly affected by this catastrophic event for years to come. However, whether you live along the coast or not, we all will feel the effects of the spill from the reduction in seafood production to increased costs for products related to oil. While the investigation continues as to what happened, it remains an undeniable fact that this spill will have a large impact on our economy and our environment for some time to come.

While the news is bad from the coast, our own senate district has had several good pieces of news including the announcement that the Tiloston Corporation was going to make an additional $2 million donation to the Fayette Community Foundation this year. The foundation was established from funds from Tiloston Corporation in 2005 and has grown since. The Foundation uses interest from this money to provide grants to projects that improve the quality of life for Fayette County citizens. Since its founding, the Foundation has distributed $754,000 grants.

Also good news for Fayette County came from the Alabama Emergency Management Agency when it announced that they had awarded a grant agreement to Fayette County for a warning siren in the Oak Ridge Community. This is very welcome news especially in light of all the recent severe weather and tornadoes which have taken place throughout the State.

I had an enjoyable time this past week traveling down to Guin for their annual Industrial Appreciation Banquet. This year’s recipients were an excellent group as always including Employer of the Year, Webster’s Piggly Wiggly, the Industry and Innovation winner being 3M Company, the Professional of the Year, Dr. Travis Miller, Retail Business of the Year, Guin Shell, Good Start Award, Goodies & Gifts and Friend of the City, Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood. I congratulate all the winners and I again appreciate the Mayor and the rest of the city officials allowing me to participate.

Guin also had a groundbreaking the past week for the Holiday Inn Express which will be constructing an 82-room hotel at the intersection of State Highway 44 and Corridor X. The Hotel will be managed through Certified Hospitality Hotel. It is hoped that the hotel will also encouraged other business along the route including gas stations and restaurants.

In other good news, it was announced that bids for the final link between Interstate 65 and Corridor X will be opened May 21. The project will hopefully start in late July or early August and is expected to take three years. The project had been delayed while waiting for federal funds. I am pleased to see this project on its way to completion.

I also had the pleasure of presenting multiple grants in Franklin County this past week including the following:

$300 to the City of Russellville to assist with the restocking of Sloss Lake

$1,000 to the Town of Vina

$1,500 for the Russellville Track & Field team

$1,000 to Belgreen High School for the academic banquet

$1,000 each for the Vina High School for the varsity and junior varsity football

$2,000 for the Vina Youth League

$1,000 each for the Belgreen High School for the junior varsity and varsity cheerleaders

$750 for the Russellville Middle School for the aerospace science club’s trip to the Space and Rocket Center

$500 for the Franklin County Schools teen day program

$500 for the Franklin County Schools child abuse and neglect program

$1,000 each for the Phil Campbell High School varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders

$1,000 for the Franklin County Schools P.A.L.S. program

$500 for the S.P.A.N. program of Franklin County

$1,000 for the HOSA convention trip

$1,000 for the Tharptown Youth cheerleaders

I thank all the sponsors and participants for all their hardwork with these programs and projects. I commend them all.

I was also able to attend several area relay for life events. I was pleased with the turn out and by all the hard work from all the teams as we join together to fight the many devastating forms of cancer.

Should you need to reach me for any reason please do so at the following addresses.

Roger H. Bedford, Jr.
Alabama State House
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Roger H. Bedford, Jr.
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