Representative Mike Millican

Alabama Senate Moves Electronic Voting Bill Closer to Becoming Law

MONTGOMERY, AL- The Military and Overseas Voting Task Force have cleared another hurdle in making electronic voting for overseas voters a reality. The Senate Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics, and Elections Committee unanimously approved House Bill 30 today.

The bill allows military and overseas voters four additional ways to request their ballots, including commercial carriers such as FedEx and UPS, secure fax, email, and secure electronic transmission. Currently, voters may only use the U.S. Mail.

“We are delighted by the quick action on the part of the Alabama Senate and the bill’s primary sponsor, Representative Jimmy Martin, on this most important legislation,” Chapman said. “We look forward to this bill soon becoming law, so that we can protect the rights of those who defend us.”

I am in complete support of this HB30. This bill would assure that our military men and women have every opportunity to vote in all elections. The Military Overseas Voting Task Force legislation would allow for fair and equitable methods of voting. Voting is one of our basic rights as citizens of the United States, the men and women who serve and protect us in the military should have every opportunity to vote.


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